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Travelling is a very personal matter. There are as many trips as travellers. That said, a territory offers what it is … The Mosque of Cordoba has amazed for more than eight centuries … There are three classic ways to spend the holidays in Andalusia, which are obviously easy to mix depending on your interests to take advantage of the maximum stay

Historic cities

Sun and beach

Rural life and nature

 Cultural trip “Route of historic cities”


Visit Seville, Cordoba, Granada and Ronda

A selection that will shout to the other provincial capitals and some equally interesting historic medium-sized cities. In fact, Andalusia is full of historical heritage … Wherever you go, you will find Roman, medieval works (eight centuries have left time for Andalusian Muslims) or Gothic works …


Take your time to explore the cities

So we recommend spending two or three days in each city instead of running, “seeing everything” in one day and spending your life in transportation and change of accommodation. Be ambitious, visit only one city and inspect all its monuments, corners and nooks, soak up the local culture and the rhythm of the inhabitants. What is the use of visiting tourist neighbourhoods, palaces and gardens, if you have to run, and finally be like a photo collector. In short, move less, to move better.

Relaxing trip “Sun and Beach”

« Sun and beach » at Huelva, Cadix, Malaga, Granada and Almeria

Holidays … the beach and the sun. All seasons are good to have a good time at sea: in spring and autumn, because the sky is sunny and the beaches are still calm; in winter, to take advantage of the beneficial sun and tranquility; in summer, to escape the “oven” of the interior areas. Not forgetting the delights of coastal cuisine.


accès sur le littoral

Over 1000 kilometers of coastline and so many opportunities to enjoy beautiful beaches.

 The ritual of Andalusian « Relax » holidays

Do you remember the Spanish television series broadcast in the early 1980s: Blue Summer (Verano azul) ? The action takes place in Nerja, on the east coast of Malaga and reflects very well how this type of tourism was once. You can spend a few hours or several days at sea … it’s a matter of taste. Vary the pleasures, the Atlantic coast with great tides offers sandy beaches and bays with marshes, the Mediterranean coast with its almost negligible tides conceals numerous coves and small beaches and offers a more pleasant water temperature. Why choose? You can also go to visit the Strait of Gibraltar.

A la plage

The Ocean is an invitation to relax and wander.

Discovery trip of rural life with the family

Pinsapos en la sierra de Grazaelma

Landscape of the beautiful protected and restored forest of pinsapos in the Sierra de Grazalema.

Explore the sierras, present in all the Andalusian provinces

Spain, and Andalusia in particular, is much more than the clichés of beaches, large cities and vast agricultural plains. Basically it is a mountainous land that often surprises the traveller. Each Andalusian province has mountains that are perfect for ecotourism and for visiting white villages.


Village blanc, randonneurs

The natural parks are also home to white villages with traditional architecture.

Practice ecotourism by discovering natural parks

Here comes a selection of natural parks (only one per province for short): Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas (Jaen), Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche (Huelva), Sierras Subbéticas (Cordoba), Sierra de Grazalema (Cadix), Las Alpujarras from Granada next to Sierra Nevada, Sierra Norte de Sevilla, Serranía de Ronda (Malaga), Sierra Nevada de Almería.

Add the cities of Cordoba, Granada and Jaen, from where it is very easy to start excursions to get into nature and forget the city for a moment.