Grasshoppers, crickets and bushcrickets of Andalusia

The great diversity of shapes, behaviors and sounds of photogenic and discreet insects.

Orthoptera is a group of insects that include crickets, bush crickets and grasshoppers (including large migratory locusts), all of them characterized by their long hind legs that allow to jump through the vegetation. Juvenile stages resemble miniature and wingless adults.

A group of terrestrial insects, very varied in their morphology, colors, diet and behaviour. Although they are generally large and photogenic, they often go unnoticed by their discrete behaviors: cryptic colors, nocturnal activities, arboricol species, elusive habits.

Orthoptera, along with cicadas, are also characterized by acoustic communication, often audible to humans.

107 species present in the area of Malaga and Cádiz have been counted: around 50 grasshoppers, 18 crickets and 35 chicharras, a quarter of which are endemic.


Pierre Jules Rambur (1801-1870) was the first entomologist to study the fauna of Andalusia, of which he produced an extraordinary work well ahead of his time.

Chorthippus apicalis

Chorthippus apicalis, a spring species, is the first orthoptera to brighten up our outings with its powerful song.

Grasshoppers, crickets and bushcrickets of Andalusia.

Grasshoppers, crickets and bushcrickets of Andalusia: juvenile of Bradyporidae.

Odontura glabricauda

Odontura glabricauda, a fragile grasshopper more discreet than rare.

Euryparyphes terrulentus female

Spectacular Euryparyphes terrulentus, a large pamphagidae.

Some of the most attractive species of this group of insects:

Several representatives belong to insects among the largest in Europe, authentic “giants”: Truxalis nasuta, Acinipe hesperica, Acanthacris ruficornis citrina. The latter species is limited in Europe to the Strait of Gibraltar.

The curious Spade-cricket of the genus Sciobia, represented locally by three species.

The curious stone grasshoppers of the Pamphagidae family, whose adults are large, wingless and cryptic in color, with up to five local species.

With nine known species, the area is one of the richest in Europe for the family Bradyporidae (formerly Ephippigeridae).

Mariposas de Andalucía

Grasshoppers, crickets and bushcrickets: list of species present in Andalusia

(preliminary draft)






Common name

1 Caelifera Acrididae Acridinae Acrida ungarica mediterranea Cone-headed Grasshopper
2 Caelifera Acrididae Acridinae Truxalis nasuta Splendid Cone-headed Grasshopper
3 Caelifera Acrididae Calliptaminae Calliptamus barbarus Eurasian Pincer Grasshopper
4 Caelifera Acrididae Calliptaminae Calliptamus italicus Common Pincer Grasshopper
5 Caelifera Acrididae Calliptaminae Calliptamus wattenwylianus Western Pincer Grasshopper
6 Caelifera Acrididae Catantopinae Pezotettix giornae Common Maquis Grasshopper
7 Caelifera Acrididae Cyrthacantacridinae Acanthacris ruficornis  
8 Caelifera Acrididae Cyrthacantacridinae Anacridium aegyptium Egyptian Bird Grasshopper
9 Caelifera Acrididae Cyrthacantacridinae Schistocerca gregaria Desert Locust
10 Caelifera Acrididae Dericorythinae Dericorys carthagonovae Iberian Crested Grasshopper
11 Caelifera Acrididae Eyprepocneminae Eyprocnemis plorans Lamenting Grasshopper
12 Caelifera Acrididae Eyprepocneminae Heteracris adspersa Splendid Grasshopper
13 Caelifera Acrididae Eyprepocneminae Heteracris littoralis Mediterranean Splendid Grasshopper
14 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Brachycrotaphus tryxalicerus Savanna Grasshopper
15 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Chorthippus apicalis Orange-butted Grasshopper
16 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Chorthippus binotatus Red-legged Grasshopper
17 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Chorthippus dorsatus Steppe Grasshopper
18 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Chorthippus jacobsi Iberian Field Grasshopper
19 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Chorthippus jucundus Large Green Grasshopper
20 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Chorthippus nevadensis Sierra Nevada Grasshopper
21 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Chorthippus parallelus Meadow Grasshopper
22 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Chorthippus reissingeri Reissinger’s Grasshopper
23 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Chorthippus vagans Penumbra Grasshopper
24 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Chorthippus yersini Yersin’s Grasshopper
25 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Dociostaurus crassiusculus Stout Cross-backed Grasshopper
26 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Dociostaurus genei Western Cross-backed Grasshopper
27 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Dociostaurus hispanicus Iberian Cross-backed Grasshopper
28 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Dociostaurus jagoi occidentalis Jago’s Cross-backed Grasshopper
29 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Dociostaurus maroccanus Moroccan Cross-backed Grasshopper
30 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Euchorthippus chopardi Iberian Straw Grasshopper
31 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Euchorthippus elegantulus gallicus Elegant Straw Grasshopper
32 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Omocestus bolivari Iberian Grasshopper
33 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Omocestus femoralis Stripe-legged Grasshopper
34 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Omocestus minutissimus Small Spanish Grasshopper
35 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Omocestus panteli Pantel’s Grasshopper
36 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Omocestus raymondi Raymond’s Grasshopper
37 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Omocestus rufipes Woodland grasshopper
38 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Omocestus viridulus Common Green Grasshopper
39 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Ramburiella hispanica Iberian Black-spotted Grasshopper
40 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Stenobothrus bolivari Pink-palped Toothed Grasshopper
41 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Stenobothrus festivus Festive Toothed Grasshopper
42 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Stenobothrus grammicus Dark-palped Toothed Grasshopper
43 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Stenobothrus lineatus Stripe-winged Toothed Grasshopper
44 Caelifera Acrididae Gomphocerinae Stenobothrus stigmaticus Lesser Toothed Grasshopper
45 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Acrotylus fischeri Iberian Digging Grasshopper
46 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Acrotylus insubricus Common Digging Grasshopper
47 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Acrotylus patruelis Slender Digging Grasshopper
48 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Aiolopus puissanti Puissant’s Green-winged Grasshopper
49 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Aiolopus strepens Broad Green-winged Grasshopper
50 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Calephorus compressicornis White-spotted Grasshopper
51 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Locusta migratoria cinerascens Migratory Locust
52 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Morphacris fasciata Shady Grasshopper
53 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Oedaleus decorus Handsome Cross Grasshopper
54 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Oedipoda caerulescens Blue Band-winged Grasshopper
55 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Oedipoda charpentieri Western Band-winged Grasshopper
56 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Oedipoda coerulea Iberian Band-winged Grasshopper
57 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Paracinema tricolor bisignata Tricolor Grasshopper
58 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Sphingonotus almeriense Almeria Sand Grasshopper
59 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Sphingonotus azurescens Azure Sand Grasshopper
60 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Sphingonotus caerulans Blue-winged Sand Grasshopper
61 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Sphingonotus imitans Algarve Sand Grasshopper
62 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Sphingonotus lluciapomaresi Iberian Sand Grasshopper
63 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Sphingonotus lusitanicus Lusitanian Sand Grasshopper
64 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Sphingonotus morini Morin’s Sand Grasshopper
65 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Sphingonotus nodulosus Knotty Sand Grasshopper
66 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Sphingonotus octofasciatus Red-winged Sand Grasshopper
67 Caelifera Acrididae Oedipodinae Sphingonotus rubescens Desert Sand Grasshopper
68 Caelifera Acrididae Tropidopolinae Tropidopola cylindrica Common Cylindric Grasshopper
69 Caelifera Pamphagidae   Acinipe comptei Compte’s Stone Grasshopper
70 Caelifera Pamphagidae   Acinipe deceptoria Deceptive Stone Grasshopper
71 Caelifera Pamphagidae   Acinipe hesperica Western Stone Grasshopper
72 Caelifera Pamphagidae   Acinipe mabillei Mabille’s Stone Grasshopper
73 Caelifera Pamphagidae   Acinipe perisi Peris’s Stone Grasshopper
74 Caelifera Pamphagidae   Acinipe segurensis Segura Stone Grasshopper
75 Caelifera Pamphagidae   Acinipe tibialis Maghreb Stone Grasshopper
76 Caelifera Pamphagidae   Eumigus cucullatus  Hooded Stone Grasshopper
77 Caelifera Pamphagidae   Eumigus monticola Mountain Stone Grasshopper
78 Caelifera Pamphagidae   Eumigus punctatus  Speckled Stone Grasshopper
79 Caelifera Pamphagidae   Eumigus rubioi Rubio’s Stone Grasshopper
80 Caelifera Pamphagidae   Euryparyphes terrulentus Earthling Stone Grasshopper
81 Caelifera Pamphagidae   Kurtharzia sulcata Groovy Stone Grasshopper
82 Caelifera Pamphagidae   Prionotropis flexuosa  Tortuous Stone Grasshopper
83 Caelifera Pyrgomorphidae   Pyrgomorpha conica Common Stick Grasshopper
84 Caelifera Tetrigidae   Paratettix meridionalis Mediterranean Groundhopper
85 Caelifera Tetrigidae   Tetrix bolivari Bolivar’s Groundhopper
86 Caelifera Tetrigidae   Tetrix depressa Dented Groundhopper
87 Caelifera Tetrigidae   Tetrix nodulosa Iberian Wingless Groundhopper
88 Caelifera Trydactylidae   Xya iberica Iberian Molehopper
89 Caelifera Trydactylidae   Xya pfaendleri Pfaendler’s Molehopper
90 Caelifera Trydactylidae   Xya variegata Colourful Molehopper
91 Ensifera Bradyporidae Ephippigerinae Albarracinia zapaterii Zapatero’s Saddle Bush-cricket
92 Ensifera Bradyporidae Ephippigerinae Baetica ustulata Sierra Nevada Saddle Bush-cricket
93 Ensifera Bradyporidae Ephippigerinae Coracinotus notarioi Notario’s Saddle Bush-cricket
94 Ensifera Bradyporidae Ephippigerinae Coracinotus politus Smooth Saddle Bush-cricket
95 Ensifera Bradyporidae Ephippigerinae Coracinotus presai Granada Saddle Bush-cricket
96 Ensifera Bradyporidae Ephippigerinae Coracinotus squamiferus Scaled Saddle Bush-cricket
97 Ensifera Bradyporidae Ephippigerinae Parasteropleurus martorellii  Martorell’s Saddle Bush-cricket
98 Ensifera Bradyporidae Ephippigerinae Platystolus martinezii Martinez’s Saddle Bush-cricket
99 Ensifera Bradyporidae Ephippigerinae Sabaterpia hispanica Iberian Saddle Bush-cricket
100 Ensifera Bradyporidae Ephippigerinae Sabaterpia taeniata Large Saddle Bush-cricket
101 Ensifera Bradyporidae Ephippigerinae Steropleurus andalusius  Andalusian Saddle Bush-cricket
102 Ensifera Bradyporidae Ephippigerinae Steropleurus brunnerii Brunner’s Saddle Bush-cricket
103 Ensifera Bradyporidae Ephippigerinae Steropleurus flavovittatus Yellow-striped Saddle Bush-cricket
104 Ensifera Bradyporidae Ephippigerinae Steropleurus pseudolus Pseudolus’ Saddle Bush-cricket
105 Ensifera Bradyporidae Ephippigerinae Steropleurus recticarinatus Straight-keeled Saddle Bush-cricket
106 Ensifera Bradyporidae Ephippigerinae Uromenus agarenus Agarenus’ Saddle Bush-cricket
108 Ensifera Bradyporidae Ephippigerinae Uromenus brevicollis Short-backed Saddle Bush-cricket
109 Ensifera Bradyporidae Ephippigerinae Uromenus maroccana Moroccan Saddle Bush-cricket
110 Ensifera Bradyporidae Pycnogastrinae Pycnogaster algecirensis Algeciras Saddle Bush-cricket
111 Ensifera Bradyporidae Pycnogastrinae Pycnogaster gaditana Cadiz Saddle Bush-cricket
112 Ensifera Bradyporidae Pycnogastrinae Pycnogaster inermis Unarmed Saddle Bush-cricket
113 Ensifera Bradyporidae Pycnogastrinae Pycnogaster sanchezgomezi  Sanchez Gomez’s Saddle Bush-cricket
114 Ensifera Conocephalidae Conocephalinae Conocephalus conocephalus African Cone-head
115 Ensifera Conocephalidae Conocephalinae Conocephalus fuscus Long-winged Cone-head
116 Ensifera Conocephalidae Copiphorinae Ruspolia nitidula Large Cone-head
117 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllinae Acheta domesticus House-cricket
118 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllinae Acheta gossypii Puglia House-cricket
119 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllinae Acheta hispanicus Spanish House-cricket
120 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllinae Eugryllodes escalerae Iberian Mountain-cricket
121 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllinae Eugryllodes pipiens Common Mountain-cricket
122 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllinae Gryllus bimaculatus Two-spotted Field-cricket
123 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllinae Gryllus campestris Common Field-cricket
124 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllinae Melanogryllus desertus Lesser Field-cricket
125 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllinae Modicogryllus bordigalensis Verge Cricket
126 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllinae Modicogryllus theryi Thery’s Cricket
127 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllinae Sciobia boscai Bosca’s Spade-cricket
128 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllinae Sciobia caliendrum Iberian Spade-cricket
129 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllinae Sciobia lusitanica Lusitanian Spade-cricket
130 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllinae Sciobia natalia Natalia’s Spade-cricket
131 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllinae Svercus palmetorum Cicada Cricket
132 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllomorphinae Gryllomorpha longicauda Long-tailed Crevice-cricket
133 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllomorphinae Gryllomorpha uclensis Western Crevice-cricket
134 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllomorphinae Petaloptila baenai Baena’s Glandular Cricket
135 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllomorphinae Petaloptila barrancoi Barranco’s Glandular Cricket
136 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllomorphinae Petaloptila carabajali  
137 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllomorphinae Petaloptila isabelae Isabel’s Glandular Cricket
138 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllomorphinae Petaloptila malacitana Malaga Glandular Cricket
139 Ensifera Gryllidae Gryllomorphinae Petaloptila mogon Mogon Glandular Cricket
140 Ensifera Gryllidae Nemobiinae Nemobius sylvestris Wood-cricket
141 Ensifera Gryllidae Nemobiinae Pteronemobius heydenii Marsh-cricket
142 Ensifera Gryllidae Nemobiinae Pteronemobius lineolatus Striped Marsh-cricket
143 Ensifera Gryllidae Nemobiinae Stenonemobius gracilis Dwarf Cricket
144 Ensifera Gryllidae Oecanthinae Oecanthus dulcisonans Large Tree-cricket
145 Ensifera Gryllidae Oecanthinae Oecanthus pellucens European Tree-cricket
146 Ensifera Gryllidae Trigonidiinae Natula arverni Reed-cricket
147 Ensifera Gryllidae Trigonidiinae Trigonidium cicindeloides Common Trig
148 Ensifera Gryllotalpidae   Gryllotalpa africana African Mole-cricket
149 Ensifera Gryllotalpidae   Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa European Mole-cricket
150 Ensifera Gryllotalpidae   Gryllotalpa septemdecimchrosomica Seventeen-chromosome Mole-cricket
151 Ensifera Meconematidae   Canariola emarginata Spanish Laurel Bush-cricket
152 Ensifera Meconematidae   Canariola quinonesi Quinones’ Bush-cricket
153 Ensifera Meconematidae   Cyrtaspis scutata Shielded Oak Bush-cricket
154 Ensifera Meconematidae   Cyrtaspis tuberculata Warty Oak Bush-cricket
155 Ensifera Mogoplistidae Arachocephalinae Arachnocephalus vestitus Hairy Scale-cricket
156 Ensifera Mogoplistidae Arachocephalinae Pseudomogoplistes squamiger Mediterranean Beach-cricket
157 Ensifera Mogoplistidae Arachocephalinae Pseudomogoplistes vicentae Atlantic Beach-cricket
158 Ensifera Mogoplistidae Mogoplistinae Mogoplistes brunneus Brown Scale-cricket
159 Ensifera Mogoplistidae Mogoplistinae Paramogoplistes dentatus Toothed Scale-cricket
160 Ensifera Myrmecophilidae   Myrmecophilus acervorum Common Ant-cricket
161 Ensifera Myrmecophilidae   Myrmecophilus ochraceus Ochre Ant-cricket
162 Ensifera Phaneropteridae   Odontura aspericauda Iberian Striped Bush-cricket
163 Ensifera Phaneropteridae   Odontura glabricauda Smooth Striped Bush-cricket
164 Ensifera Phaneropteridae   Phaneroptera nana Southern Sickle Bush-cricket
165 Ensifera Phaneropteridae   Phaneroptera sparsa Arabian Sickle Bush-cricket
166 Ensifera Phaneropteridae   Tylopsis lilifolia White Sickle Bush-cricket
167 Ensifera Tettigoniidae Tettigoniinae Amphiestris baetica Betic Bush-cricket
168 Ensifera Tettigoniidae Tettigoniinae Antaxius kraussii Albarracin Mountain Bush-cricket
169 Ensifera Tettigoniidae Tettigoniinae Ctenodecticus granatensis Granada Pygmy Wart-biter
170 Ensifera Tettigoniidae Tettigoniinae Ctenodecticus major Sierra Nevada Pygmy Wart-biter
171 Ensifera Tettigoniidae Tettigoniinae Ctenodecticus ramburi Rambur’s Pygmy Wart-biter
172 Ensifera Tettigoniidae Tettigoniinae Decorana decorata Decorated Bush-cricket
173 Ensifera Tettigoniidae Tettigoniinae Decticus albifrons Mediterranean Wart-biter
174 Ensifera Tettigoniidae Tettigoniinae Platycleis affinis Tuberous Grey Bush-cricket
175 Ensifera Tettigoniidae Tettigoniinae Platycleis albopunctata Common Grey Bush-cricket
176 Ensifera Tettigoniidae Tettigoniinae Platycleis falx falx Falcate Grey Bush-cricket
177 Ensifera Tettigoniidae Tettigoniinae Platycleis intermedia Intermediate Grey Bush-cricket
178 Ensifera Tettigoniidae Tettigoniinae Platycleis sabulosa Sand Grey Bush-cricket
179 Ensifera Tettigoniidae Tettigoniinae Platycleis tessellata Common Slender Bush-cricket
180 Ensifera Tettigoniidae Tettigoniinae Pterolepis cordubensis Cordoba Bush-cricket
181 Ensifera Tettigoniidae Tettigoniinae Pterolepis grallata Stilt-legged Bush-cricket
182 Ensifera Tettigoniidae Tettigoniinae Pterolepis spoliata Disarmed Bush-cricket
183 Ensifera Tettigoniidae Tettigoniinae Tettigonia viridissima Great Green Bush-cricket
184 Ensifera Tettigoniidae Tettigoniinae Thyreonotus bidens Two-toothed Bush-cricket
185 Ensifera Tettigoniidae Tettigoniinae Thyreonotus corsicus Moroccan Bush-cricket




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