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From November 17 to 19, 2021, the I Andalusia Ecotourism Forum was held in Aracena, echoing numerous previous events such as the Campo de Gibraltar ecotourism congresses and the countless days to promote bird watching in Andalusia. In this 1st Andalusian forum, the equitable and proactive representation of both tourism and the environment the regional councils of the Junta de Andalucía should be highlighted.

I Andalusia Ecotourism Forum

Meeting with travel agencies

We were able to meet and exchange with a dozen national and international agencies with very different profiles, presenting the territory where we operate in Andalusia and also our proposal as G3 guides.

Table with national and international agencies to promote ecotourism
Flyer G3guides in Andalusia

That was timely! We have just launched our flyer on the market coinciding with the Andalusia Ecotourism Forum. Own design with contributions from Ana Pérez Marcos, Cicerones Rurales and DP family.

Status of ecotourism in 2021

The new post-pandemic traveler
  • Worldwide situation of ecotourism by Jorge Moller (Global Ecotourism Network). Comment: The coronavirus crisis has been the main protagonist of the forum, with a very important impact on world tourism and also the motor of profound changes that could prove to be positive for ecotourism.
segmentation and a typology of ecotourists
  • Situation of Ecotourism in Spain by Ricardo Blanco Portillo (Secretary of State for Tourism). “The original motivation of the tourist is the biggest factor to choose a product to enjoy”. Therefore it is important to recognize a segmentation and a typology of ecotourists.
Development model for ecotourism
  • Promotion of ecotourism in the Basque Country by Iker Urcelay (Basque Tourism Agency). Comment: the development of ecotourism in a territory has to be planned … which means administrations have a great responsibility in this process.
Famtrip with press and travel agencies
  • romotion of ecotourism in Asturias by Tatiana González (Turismo Asturias). Comment: among other actions, the importance of Famtrips is highlighted to present the best destinations.

Ecotourism experiences in Aracena

We never tire of visiting the Cave of Las Maravillas de Aracena.

ROUND TABLE. Ecotourism in Andalusia

  • Dirección General de Calidad, Innovación y Fomento del Turismo.
  • Dirección General de Medio Natural, Biodiversidad y Espacios Protegidos. 
  • Asociación Foro CETS de Sierra Nevada
  • Andalucía Ecoactiva
  • Asociación de Guías Profesionales de Naturaleza de Andalucía.
vindication of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

A key moment of the congress has been the claim of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism by María Teresa Madrona, who has deplored its recent loss in numerous natural parks in Andalusia. This situation means a serious setback in the development of responsible and sustainable tourism.

Interpretation on the chestnut tree

We enjoy a good walk on the outskirts of Aracena on the way to Fuenteheridos, accompanied by a very timely interpretation of the sierra chestnut tree grooves: uses and folklore, given by our friend Laura from Método Ambiental.

The congress has also been an opportunity to reconnect with other old friends and get news of business advances, such as El Sombrero Verde.

Success stories in Spain

Local products and ecotourism. The brand "Territorio Sierra Espuña".
Definition of the word Ecotourism in the declaration of Daimiel 2016
European Charter for Sustainable Tourism. Europarc
  • Proposals for the positive impact of tourism on the conservation of protected natural spaces in the La Garrotxa area. Trescàlia (Gerona).
tourist arrivals in Spain in 2020
  • International markets for ecotourism in Andalusia or how to make friends abroad. Wild Doñana (Huelva) @wilddonana

Another strong moment has been Manu Mojarro’s call for the conservation of agricultural ecosystems that host increasingly threatened steppe bird species.

Ecotourism and environmental education
Keys to Success in Ecotourism Communication

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