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What great memories bring us the latest report of “la Ecoturista Universal”, the Universal Ecotourist, (n ° 27, of 4/6/2020), available on the Canal Malaga TV Channel, presented by the unspeakable Liz Glazer! We had already related the Making off of this very endearing day, dedicated to exploring the Genal Valley and the town of Benarrabá. To the program: enjoy the environment and good laughs, without forgetting organic food as healthy as it is delicious.

The tour and activities of this episode are based on the eco-experience “The forest, inside and outside” that we offer from G3-guides.

You can look at the show (in Spanish).

As a personal assessment, in addition to the good times past, I have been pleasantly surprised by the final result, which I found to be very well mounted and a faithful reflection of the day. I want to highlight the talent of Pablo Llaryora for recording on its own the whole report and for climbing that last slope, fully equiped and without saying much.

Again thanks to Toni, Simi, Rosa and Marcus for lending their image, to Mercedes of the Kabilas Restaurant for the service, and finally to Pablo and Liz for their efforts.