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Memoirs of expat living in Spain and of travelers

Andrew Edwards and Suzanne Edwards – 2016. Andalucia: A Literary Guide for Travellers. IB Tauris.


Chris Stewart – 1999. Driving Over Lemons: An Optimist in Andalucía. – 2000. A Parrot in the Pepper Tree. – 2006. The Almond Blossom Appreciation Society.


Alastair Boyd – 1992. The Sierras of the South: Travels in the Mountains of Andalusia.




Alastair Boyd – 1969. The Road From Ronda; Travels With A Horse Through Southern Spain.




Gerald Brenan – 1957. South from Granada: Seven Years in an Andalusian Village.



Laurie Lee – 1955. A Rose for Winter. Travels in Andalusia


Alexandre Dumas (padre) 1847 (English edition 1959). Alexandre Dumas’ Adventures in Spain.

Period: 1846.

Richard Ford 1845. A Hand-book for Travellers in Spain and readers at home.

1852. The Spaniards and their country / Gatherings from Spain

Period: 1830-1833.

George Borrow 1843. The Bible in Spain: or the Journey, Adventures, and Imprisonment of an Englishman in an Attempt to Circulate the Scriptures in the Peninsula.

Period: 1835-1840.

Théophile Gautier 1843 (edición en castellano 1920). A Romantic in Spain / Travels in Spain / Wandering in Spain (three titles for the same book).

Period: 1840.

Charles Rochfort – 1838. Excursions in the mountains of Ronda and Granada. With characteristic sketches of the inhabitants of the South of Spain.

Period: 1822-1834.

Prosper Mérimée – 1833 (English edition 1931). Letters from Spain.

Period: 1830.

Joseph Towsend – 1791. A journey through Spain in the years 1786 and 1787; with particular attention to agriculture, manufactures, commerce, population, taxes and revenue of that country.

Period: 1786-1787.

Henry Swinburne – 1787. Travels through Spain, in the years 1775 and 1776 : in which several monuments of roman and moorish architecture are illustrated.

Period: 1775-1776.

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