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Wild daffodils in Andalusia

Daffodils belong to the Amaryllidaceae, a family of bulbous plants containing the diverse genus of garlic (Allium), together with Acis (=Leucojum), Sternbergia, Pancratium maritimum, Amaryllis belladonna and Lapiedra martinezii.


Beautiful daffodils

Daffodils are cultivated for centuries by gardeners, which developped hundred of varieties, in reason of their attractive flowers.

Many species display strong scent, either pleasant or totaly the contrary… Fox’s pee is a common name for some daffodils in Spanish.

Narcissus papyraceus

An Iberian specialty

Most species are distributed in South West Europe and originated in Spain, where the number of species of the genus is maximum. The Iberian diversity of the group makes it a special subject of attraction to naturalists.

More you look at daffodils… more you are fascinated by their complex relations…

Naked man orchid (Orchis italica)

A taxonomic puzzle

Taxonomy is extremelly complex and still not well understood by specialists, despite a number of recent studies. Moreover huge differences in their views of good species implies a catalog between a dozen to more than a hundred species.

A special difficulty in the genus is the high valence of hybridization between species. Hybrids can exist between close relative or quite distant species. Recent hybridization event show ‘intermediary’ flowers which can spread asexually in small populations (thanks to their bulbils). Some plants were originated a long time ago by very old hybridization events, which were fixed through generations and have generated differenciated subspecies and even species (sometimes even multiplying the number of chromosomes). Of course, genetic introgressions between populations occur ‘regularly’… This situation results in a complex puzzle.

Guide of wild orchids: Ophrys speculum

… to the point of falling into their reflect.

Guide to the wild daffodils in Andalusia

Poets’ daffodil (N. poeticus) is widespread in Europe and mostly restricted to NE area in the Iberian Peninsula. One single population has been identified in the Cazorla mountain range, an extraordinary outlier given its global distribution.

Mainly white flowers (subgenus Hermione)

Cream paperwhite

Narcissus tazetta

Narcissus tazeta

Mediterranean. Used in gardens.

Drizzle paperwhite

N. papyraceus

Narcissus papyraceus

 💧 Wet soils. SW Iberia.

Slender paperwhite

N. elegans

Narcissus elegans

W. Mediterranean. Ronda. RR.

Check N. serotinus (

Autumn paperwhite

N. obsoletus = N. deficiens

Narcissus obsoletus

Mediterranean. RR.

Blossom in autumn.

Hoop-petticoat daffodils = bell shape (section Bulbocodium)

Hoop-petticoat daffodil

N. bulbocodium

Narcissus bulbocodium

 💧 Ibero-maghrebian. RR.

White hoop-petticoat

N. cantabricus

Narcissus cantabricus

 Ibero-maghrebian. Occasional.

Dwarf hoop-petticoat

N. hedraeanthus

Narcissus hedraeanthus

 Sierra Morena, Cazorla. Occ.

Siblin hoop-petticoat

N. obesus.

= N. bulbocodium obesus

Narcissus bulbocodium

SW Iberia.

Differences (

Very distinctives species

Those species are sometimes difficult to recognize as daffodils at first sight.

Canavilles’s daffodil

Narcissus cavanillesii

Ophrys speculum

  Ibero-maghrebian. Rare. 

Green daffodil

N. viridiflorus

Limodorum abortivum

 Coastal species (Cadix, W Morocco). RR.

Angel’s-tears daffodil

N. triandrus subsp. pallidulus

= Narcissus coronatus

Ophrys tenthredinifera

 Iberian. Occ.

Typical yellow flowers daffodils

Rock daffodils (section Apodanthi)

Other widespread Iberian species are N. calcicola Mendonça and N. scaberulus Henriques. See ESCOBAR GARCÍA (2018) for a recent revision.

Rock daffodil

N. rupicola

Naked man orchid (Orchis italica)

 🪨(rock). Siliceous. Iberian. RR.

Short crown flowers (sections Jonquilla & Juncifolii)

The group of species most difficult to identify. More details are to come later.

Narcissus cuatrecasasii

Naked man orchid (Orchis italica)

 🪨 Betic mountains. Rare.

N. jonquilla

Naked man orchid (Orchis italica)

 💧 Iberian. Rare.

N. fernandesii

Naked man orchid (Orchis italica)

🪨 Iberian. Rare.

N. tortifolius

Naked man orchid (Orchis italica)

SE Iberia. RR.

N. assoanus

Naked man orchid (Orchis italica)

🪨 [Ca] Andalusia. Occ.

N. gaditanus

Naked man orchid (Orchis italica)

S. Iberia. RR.

Trumpet daffodils (sections Nevadensis & Pseudonarcissus)

See ALGARRA et al. (2018) for a recent revision.

Sierra Nevada daffodil

N. nevadensis nevadensis

Naked man orchid (Orchis italica)

💧 Sierra Nevada. RR.

Often splitted. See N. n. herrerae in Almijara.

Segura daffodil

N. nevadensis longispathus

Naked man orchid (Orchis italica)

💧 [Ca]. Segura range. RR. 

Wild daffodil

N. pseudonarcissus bujei

Naked man orchid (Orchis italica)

💧 [Ca]. Andalusian mountains. R.

Flora iberica. PDF.

Flora Andalucía Oriental. PDF.

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