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Wildlife watching trip 10 June – 17 June 2023

Dragonglies in Andalusia trip

Clients: NVL team (up to 8 persons).

Key-points of the tour

Arrival at Málaga airport: 10 June ¿what time?

  • Up to 9 days of activities in the field
  • 8 nights hosted in rural hotels in simple rooms
  • Lunch in the field picnic
  • Departure in Málaga airport: 18 June CONFIRM DATE

Circuit aiming at observing dragonflies (and other wildlife passing by) in the area of Málaga-Cádiz and searching for most species present. Program based on :

Typical day

  • 9:00 Leaving hotel
  • (1h drive)
  • Visit of 2-3 sites a day
  • (1h drive)
  • 18:30 Arrival at hotel
  • 20:00 Dinner

June, saturday the 10th

Réserve ornithologique de l'Estuaire du Guadalhorce
DAY 1 | Transfer from Malaga airport

Meeting at Málaga Airport friday and saturday. We will have time to check a few sites before the oficial begining.

Accomodation at Costa del Sol, in Istán

June, sunday the 11th

Réserve ornithologique de l'Estuaire du Guadalhorce
DAY 2 | Costa del Sol streams and reservoir

Late start in the morning.

Visit of exceptional sites with short streams and still waters south of Sierra de Las Nieves National Park. Those permanent streams, well oxygenated and with mild temperatures, are currently among the best sites for dragonflies in Andalusia. Great observations are guaranteed, let us quote in disorder: Boyeria irene, Oxygastra curtisii, several Gomphus and Onychogomphus, etc. The small reservoir will allow for interesting Orthetrum species.

Accomodation will take place at the lovely white village of Benarrabá for five nights.

Accomodation at Benarrabá, Hotel Banuh Rabbah. Lunch picnic. Dinner at Restaurant Kabilah.

June, monday the 12th

Rivière Génal
DAY 3 | Genal River

Whole day dedicated to the Genal River, one of the last two wild rivers in southern Spain and protected by a huge cork oak forest. We will also stop at great view points to enjoy the landscape. All southern European species of running water breed in this river, although in low densities.

Accomodation at Benarrabá, Hotel Banuh Rabbah. Lunch picnic. Dinner paella at GFS ecocentre.

June, tuesday the 13th

Réserve ornithologique de l'Estuaire du Guadalhorce
DAY 4 | Faded pincertail quest

We will stop at a small reservoir close to Montejaque: a wetland rich in stagnant water species such as Orthetrum trinacria and Brachythemys leucosticta. We aim to visit the Guadalete, a lowland river strongly resembling the Guadalquivir, and one of the best places for Onychogomphus costae. On the way back, we will stop in Ronda for The Gash and early supper.

Accomodation at Benarrabá, Hotel Banuh Rabbah. Lunch picnic. Dinner with my nice neighbours.

June, wednesday the 14th

Rivière Hozgarganta
DAY 5 | Hozgarganta River

The second wild river left in the southern Spain, but very different from the Genal, alternating running waters and natural small reservoirs of deep waters. Los Alcornocales. Once again, all Mediterranean species of running waters are potential. Let’s mention Platycnemis acutipennis, Macromia splendens (hard to observe), with have higher densities than in the Genal.

Accomodation at Benarrabá, Hotel Banuh Rabbah. Lunch picnic. Dinner at Sánchez tapas bar or something different.

June, thursday the 15th

Réserve ornithologique de l'Estuaire du Guadalhorce
DAY 6 | Stagnant waters and generalist in Serranía de Ronda

Day dedicated to Mediterranean species of stagnant waters: Trithemis annulata, Brachytemis leucosticta, etc. We will visit the low section of the Genal river at its juntion with the Guadiaro, close to Casares. If there is still water in this season, then we should move to La Florida temporary pond (good for Lestes virens), or to Buitreras Reservoir at Cañada Real del Tesoro, and the Guadiaro River.

Accomodation at Benarrabá, Hotel Banuh Rabbah. Lunch picnic. Ucranian fish Barbacoa at GFS.

June, friday the 16th

DAY 7 | Laguna Fuente de Piedra

Transfer day. Quick stop at Las Ventillas stream near Ronda. We will then head to superb Turón river… and finish our day in Fuente de Piedra : one of the most famous European lagoon with its colony of flamingoes (but this year is so dry that they did not established). If there is luck, a few Lestes macrostigma could appear.

We wil stay in another small white village for two days.

Accomodation in Valle de Abdalajis (Hostal Mira La Sierra). A nice pizzeria awaits us.

June, saturday the 17th

Arroyo de Las Piedras
DAY 8 | Searching for rarities

Day dedicated to Las Piedras stream, best place for Orthetrum nitidinerve in Andalusia in recent years and its junction with the Guadalhorce, the largest lowland river in Málaga. Visit to a near-by site with rare species.

Accomodation in Valle de Abdalajis. We will celebrate the end of the trip at a nice restaurant Los Atanores. Kid (“Baby goat”) is their specialty.

June, sunday the 18th

Réserve ornithologique de l'Estuaire du Guadalhorce
DAY 9 | Back to the airport

We will spend the morning near Málaga, visiting a urban pool with O. trinacria and Diplacodes. if time permits, we can spend time and  Guadalhorce River estuary, a must-see birdwatching site, close to the airport… Easy transfer to reach the airport at 15:00. The travel is over and we will be back home as soon as possible.