Marbella nature day tour

Vacances découverte nature en Andalousie
Guide nature spécialisé
Vacances découverte nature en Andalousie
Guide nature spécialisé

Natural areas

Artola – Cabopino, Sierra Blanca, Sierra Bermeja, Sierra de las Nieves


Spring / Autumn / Winter

À la carte

1 day of activities

Marbella nature day tour

– Protected nature areas & viewpoints

– Mediterranean biodiversity

– From seaside to mountain top


Spain / Andalusia

Meeting point

Estepona, Marbella, Gaucín

Specialized service

Small parties

A perfect day to escape populated beaches and to discover Marbella’s hinterland and its rich natural patrimony: remnant sand dunes, Mediterranean forests and gorgeous landscape, freshwater sites and amazing views. A first hand experience of the Andalusian rural life style.

Transfer and exploration of Artola sand dunes Natural Monument along the sea. We will be able to look at the well preserved flora typical of the dunes and to spot sea birds and even maybe dolphins if there is a chance.

From any corner of Marbella, Sierra Blanca and its famous Concha (1.215 masl) are in sight. True signpost of the charming old town and an invitation to hiking. Therefore, we must visit the mountains at El Juanar (a meseta easy to walk), with its Mediterranean vegetation, pine forest and olive groves, and picturesque views over the coastline and Africa.

At midday, majestuous Two-tailed Pasha butterfly is very active. It is worth searching for its host plant, the strawberry tree.

We then need to spend some time on freshwater ecosystems. Small reservoir intended for the supply to neighboring populations are also remarkable for their degree of naturalness. Mediterranean stream with very high level of nature value. We will be able to look at water birds, dragonflies, freshwater turtles and even, sometimes, if luck accompanies again, otter.

Finally, if there is still energy after this long day, we can move to the nearby hilly countryside, entering the Sierra Bermeja‘s red mountain. Isolated cork oaks remind nearby Alcornocales forest. Nice viewpoint to the sea and the Concha de Marbella. What a finish, what a day!

Charaxes jasius Two-tailed Pasha near Marbella
El Juanar near MArbella and Ojén
Sea lilly (Pancratium maritimum)
 (Emberiza cia-circle)
Spanish ibex (Capra pyrenaica)
Olive trees in Marbella
Two tailed pasha (Charaxes jasius)
Crave à bec rouge


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The best of aquatic and terrestrial environments. Visit of remarkably preserved natural habitats near the coast.