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Mediterranean rivers at Costa del Sol

Vacances découverte nature en Andalousie
Guide nature spécialisé
Vacances découverte nature en Andalousie
Guide nature spécialisé

National park

Sierra Las Nieves


Spring / Autumn / Winter

À la carte

1 day of activities

Village blanc Grazalema

– Aquatic biodiversity

– Mediterranean rivers

– Naturalized reservoirs


Spain / Andalusia

Meeting point

Estepona, Marbella, Gaucín

Specialized service

Small parties

We will visit Mediterranean rivers (on average three rivers) and we will naturally be interested in the aquatic fauna and the riparian forest. We will also enjoy the surrounding terrestrial ecosystems, scrubland and forests filled with aromatic plants and pollinating insects.

The Sierra Bermeja cordillera, which overlooks the Costa del Sol, gives rise to several very short rivers, all of them the most interesting: Manilva, Padrón, Castor, Guadalmansa, Guadalmina and Río Verde. These last three are born in the National Park Sierra de Las Nieves and have an astonishing biodiversity, in particular of dragonflies and fish. An exceptional natural heritage.

Small reservoirs intended for the supply of fresh water to neighboring populations are also remarkable for their degree of naturalness and the variability of the aquatic habitats they provide, even if one will not forget that they were built at the expense of good. functioning of river ecosystems and their diversity. The damage being done, we will take the opportunity to observe water birds, dragonflies of lentic habitats, freshwater turtles and even sometimes, if luck accompanies, otter.

Orchidées de Grazalema. Ophrys fusca


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The best of aquatic and terrestrial environments. Visit of remarkably preserved natural habitats near the coast.

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