The Ronda Gash,

Mediterranean countryside & mountains

Guided trekking
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Guided trekking
Expert Nature Guide

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Serranía de Ronda


Spring / Autumn

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– Romantic Ronda

– The Gash from its base

– Countryside, Fauna & flora


Spain / Andalusia

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One of the charms of Ronda, a fortress city built on a large cliff, is undoubtedly the panoramic view that can be admired from its promenade. There are spectacular views of the most important reliefs of the Serranía de Ronda and on surrounding fields where traditional crops, old mills and muleteers‘ paths abound. Possibly we are facing one of the most suggestive and best preserved landscapes in all of Andalusia.

The most famous Spanish geological accident, the Tajo de Ronda (Ronda Gash), and its New Bridge are to be found just around the street corner. We will ramble around and head down the Gash on a beautiful path that crosses a hillside covered with almond trees and goes down to the river. We leave the traditional circuit to walk through a circular route that explores a rural and secret Ronda.

We can get to know the Mediterranean vegetation and plants grown in the Andalusian countryside.

We will finish in the beautiful Alameda Park, where the memory of the most important botanists in the history of Andalusia is commemorated.



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Escape the tourist mass while enjoying the Gash. Urban and rural excursion.