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School of nature

Nature school
Guide nature spécialisé
Nature school
Guide nature spécialisé

Natural area

Serranía de Ronda


Spring – Autumn

À la carte

1/2 day of activities

Serranía de Ronda - activités plein air

– Environmental education

– Activities in the field…

– and at the laboratory


Spain / Andalusia

Meeting point

Ronda, Gaucín or Estepona

Specialized service

Small parties

Workshops with educational contents covering different basic aspects of natural history and ecology.

Typically the session includes: meeting in the field and discovery of a Mediterranean ecosystem; observation of the landscape, vegetation, fauna and flora; sampling protocol adapted to the age and interest of the participants; visit of the laboratory with the use of binocular microscopes and digital cameras; 20′ short-conference.

Workshop # 1: “AQUATIC INVERTEBRATES OF STREAMS AND RIVERS“. This workshop allows you to discover the extraordinary diversity of aquatic species, spend time wading with your feet in the water in search of beetles, dragonflies, plecoptera, mayflies and many others. The visit to the laboratory will allow us to observe the minute details of the morphology of these invertebrates, excellent bio-indicators of water quality.

Workshop # 2: “POLINIZING INSECTS OF GARRIGUES“. We will observe the spectacle of the plants in full bloom … and all the small fauna that visit them: the solitary or social wild bees, the flower beetles that chew pollen, the harmless flies, surprising by their diversity, and the wonderful specialist butterflies. tube flowers. Tracking these much needed insects is a global emergency.

Workshop # 3: “MEDITERRANEAN PLANTS AND VEGETATION” form the basis of terrestrial ecosystems and landscapes as well as the habitat of animal species. Wherever we go, we observe plants … How interesting it is to observe the diversity of their forms, the smaller and smaller details, the adaptations that allow us to survive the Mediterranean climate. Flowers fascinate with their beauty; plants as a whole are useful to humanity by the multitude of applications which it has been able to draw from them.

Vacances en famille Andalousie
Vacances en famille Andalousie
Vacances en famille Andalousie


  • Atelier École de la Nature en Andalousie. Groupe 5-8 participants.
  • Guide interprète de la nature.

See detailed conditions.

Le Plus

Des ateliers originaux mêlant plaisir et apprentissage.