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The Cazuma Quest :

a new species in Europe

Wildlife watching
Wildlife watching

Natural areas

Cazuma Reserve


Late spring / Early summer

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7 days fieldwork

Onychomphus cazuma quest

Onychogomphus cazuma

– “Expedition” style trip

– Many more dragonflies on the wing


Spain / Valencia

Meeting point


Specialized service

Small parties

The Cazuma pincertail, Onychogomphus cazuma, is a recently described endemic from Eastern Spain. This very scattered and scarce dragonfly is allready one of the most threathened species in Europe and considered as Endangered by IUCN. It must be noted that populations are in small numbers and densities are generaly low.

We will explore many localities where the species has been recorded since it was first described in 2020. Like other gomphids, O. cazuma is a strong disperser and its detection in the field can be difficult, especially in low density populations. We will indeed visit some of the best localities for looking at adults, and, of course, the type locality: beautifull and species rich Cazuma stream.

The species occurs only in three main locations. See Díaz Martínez et al. (2021) for an up-to-date map. At the north of the distribution, the Turia River system, situated in the mountainous area of Valencia and Cuenca. East of Valencia, the Júcar and Cabriel rivers system includes the type locality. Finally, the southern distribution center coincides with the Upper Segura river basin, south-east of Albacete and inland Murcia.

This trip also include the visit to favourable sites for very nice species such as Coenagrion caerulescens, Zygonyx torridus and Onychogomphus costae.

Cazuma stream in Valencia
Onychogomphus costae


See detailed conditions.


The best time of the year to look for dragonflies in this area.

Cazuma’s picture by Cecilia Díaz-Martínez. Our greetings to her for this wonderful image and of course to the team involved in the stunning discovery.

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