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The Genal River walkway

Guided trekking
Expert Nature Guide
Guided trekking
Expert Nature Guide

Natural park

Serranía de Ronda, Genal


Spring / Autumn / Winter

À la carte

1/2 day activities

– Landscapes and autumnal colors

– Interpretation of Chestnut trees

– Visit of a white village


Spain / Andalusia

Meeting point

Benarrabá / Genalguacil

Specialized service

Small parties

This is another classic circular hike of the Genal Valley, yet it goes along little traveled paths and remote forest. Excursion of just over 12 km in length and around 500 m of positive slope that allows us to learn more about the Mediterranean vegetation and to enter a forested and lonely Genal valley.

Halfway, we will meet the old timber cooperative of Genal and the Venta de San Juan, where to regain strength. The second part of the trek consists of a walk along the Genal River and its riverbank, thanks to some fun and popular metal walkways that facilitate the way and give some excitement at the same time. We will walk until we find the Meadows of La Escribana from where we will start a climb to the white village of Benarrabá, crossing again a cork oak forest.

It is a very pleasant and demanding hike located in the Genal Bajo, where the valley is more open and the views are wider. Surrounded by mountains, the forest becomes thick and varied. We will enjoy ephemeral views that appear in natural window. The Mediterranean vegetation is especially rich in tree and shrub species and we will also have the opportunity to know the different species of the riverbank forest.

At all times of the year, you can enjoy with the butterflies that make our walk brimming over the flowers of the Mediterranean thicket.



See detailed conditions.


Depending on the season, wildlife is different at the Genal valley and its river.