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Discussing stereotypes, “los topicos“, is the opportunity to put on a very inconvenient nine-meter shirt, “la camisa de once varas”, an expression which could also mean to attack a new wall. meters… that is to say “meterse en un lío”, to look for trouble. The saying goes to enjoy life and not look for complications.

Andalusia is the second largest region in Spain and the most populated. While it is true that Andalusians are remarkably different from Castilians, Basques, Galicians or Catalans, most of the stereotypes that affect them are generally interchangeable with those that describe Spaniards, to the point of wondering if the international vision of Spanish is not limited to describe the Andalusian people and the paella.

Daily life, the media and even political interventions use and abuse these stereotypes. Therefore, it is not useless to know and recognize them. The most negative clichés annoy and irritate … but it must be said that the Andalusians also laugh at themselves, they do not take it too seriously… except for claiming their hometown, the best tortilla recipe and the result of a classic Barça – Madrid.

For the most part, romantic travelers have fantasized and described an exotic and picturesque, sensual Andalusia, full of bullfighters, gypsies, bandits and “señoritos. They are not alone, since the Spaniards who live north of Despeñaperros generally share a vision of a somewhat indolent Andalusian society, but very enthusiastic about their religious festivals, and even  more to the profane festivities, where poverty sharpens ingenuity and “trapicheos“, and the extended phrase of “the Spanish fudge” is practiced. On the other side of the scale, Andalusians and Andalusians are seen as friendly, funny, close and affectionate people.

These are the main stereotypes that would characterize the Andalusians (remember that many Andalusians have nothing to do with these clichés …).

‘El arte’ (be fun)


The flamenco

The Holy Week

The jokes

The Andalusian « señoritos »

The Bulls

The Fair and the gypsy dresses

The ‘siesta’(nap)

One of the most surprising aspects is that the inhabitants of Andalusia themselves have generated their own clichés … which are, as always, exaggerated, somewhat stupid and fun. In short, a fascinating sociological collection and an essential source of information to enjoy the art of conversation and of the Mediterranean cordiality.