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Yesterday we were with Liz Glazer, the Universal Ecotourist, preparing an episode for the second season of her program on TV Malaga.

We present our ecotourism activity “The forest, inside and outside“, which consists of spending a day in the Genal Valley and discovering the best it has to offer. We begin to observe and interpret the landscape in 360º from a viewpoint, we walk through a centennial cork oak with breathing and relaxation activities to connect with ourselves and with nature, then we use the five senses to investigate the Mediterranean vegetation, its plants, fungi And animals. The joy and good atmosphere of the group accompanied each step, thanks to the willingness of each participant and the effects of immersion in the forest through the shinrin-yoku or forest bath. We feel great enjoying the experience and the good day. Even though February, the sun was warm and the butterflies were already flying. Even a horseshoe snake crossed our path. For this activity, we selected a beautiful mountain path that crossed the forest and allowed us to enjoy very special landscapes and rest spaces.

It is not easy to walk on flat roads in the steep Valle del Genal. Luckily, from G3-guides, we have located routes suitable for all audiences so that everyone can enjoy hiking and beautiful views from natural viewpoints.

We continue with the day, and enjoy a delicious, organic and km 0 meal at the Kabila restaurant. We completed the activity with an excursion in the white village of Benarrabá and finally we got on the premises of the El Bosque Animado association to observe with the microscopes the samples we collected in the field. What a surprise to see the small things! Magnify up to 100 times the fern spores, the inside of a mushroom … is to reveal a little the secrets of nature … discoveries that excited and left attendees open-mouthed.

We want to thank our clients and friends for participating in the recording and sharing their day with us and of course the Universal Ecotourist, Liz, and the program director Pablo.