Andalusian Nature Guides

Nature Guides in Andalusia

We are a company dedicated to ecotourism, nature tourism, slow tourism, non-sport hiking and environmental interpretation.

We propose our services to travelers, nature lovers and families  who are looking for an experience with the natural environment and the rural world.

Our commitment seeks coherence between our action in favor of the environment and a quality proposal. Therefore, our ethics is based on sustainability and respect for local culture.

La Ecoturista Universal / Canal Malaga (2020). Spanish

Guadalquivir, corazón verde de Andalucía / Canal Sur (2008). Spanish

Los Repobladores / Canal Sur (2021). Spanish

Qué animal! / RTVE (2019). At 14’38. Spanish

Florent, Biologist and nature guide

Specialized in entomology and aquatic environments. Popularizing the environment for more than 20 years. He lives in Andalusia, Spain, where he works in nature animations and scientific studies. Also a Taichi-Chuan teacher.

My greatest pleasure is “to open windows to the world”, to make people discover what they have in front of them without seeing it, to make them want to study nature and help young people with their natural historian vocations.

How to travel with G3-guides?

voyager avec guide nature

As a general rule, we favor close treatment and small groups. For multi-days trips, we work to measure… We avoid the routine of a repetitive product and strive to give each experience its own personal touch. It is important to discuss sufficiently in advance to identify the expectations and desires of travelers as best as possible.

You can request an all-inclusive trip (full board package at the hotel) or just day guiding (taking care of the logistics yourself).

For 3-4 people, we offer an “expedition” style of travel for very mobile trips, with accommodation and (organic) cuisine in a rural lodge.

Why rely on a nature guide for your trips?

In summary, to save time, probably a difficult time to implement when visiting a new region.

Knowledge of the field. The guide selects the itinerary of a multi-days trip (the classic “to do”, the small corners that surprise…) and knows the hiking trails of a concrete excursion (the remarkable tree to see, the stone that slip…).

It takes you to the natural areas closest to your centers of interest and chooses the points of interest according to the seasons.

A person who watches over you… who answers your questions, serves as support for logistics, manages minor incidents and covers the activity with accident insurance.

For the hike, the guide adapts to your physical condition and takes care of the difficult passages and helps with movement.

He looks for the species to observe and ensures that the participants can have beautiful views.

The basics of the trade: the knowledge of species, their presence, rarity, detectability and ecology.

He shares his knowledge, adapting his speech to the public that accompanies him.

It helps to validate the observations (from the simplest by neophytes to the most difficult by more expert people).

Observation equipment: the right optics. What a great pleasure to observe the details of an animal with a high-end telescope or a microscope.

The guide is over-equipped and surprises you with its resources… Binoculars, stereomicroscopes, detectors of all kinds, sampling equipment, nets, tubes and so on.


Local culture. Sharing life in the countryside, using typical local expressions, teacher of foreign language, “chef” teaching regional recipes. Choose the specialties and advise the good restaurants.

A nature trip that becomes cultural… only if you count with a person from the “terroir”. Today, it is easy to contact a local guide directly via the internet.

An excellent organizer… and a professional improviser.

Storyteller… Shares photos… Provides caring and respectful companionship.

The guide allows you to focus your attention on the purpose of the trip itself and take full advantage of the time available, while avoiding spending energy on preparations, logistics or complicated choices. Ultimately, it allows you to enjoy a busy vacation without running out of steam.

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