Remarquable blossoms in Andalusia

Almond trees in bloom

 “Spring in winter”: the abundant flowering of a fruit tree and the delicacy of pink flowers.

In January and February, almond trees (Prunus dulcis = Prunus amygdaloides) flourish throughout the Mediterranean geography, especially in Southern Spain’s more mountainous and arid areas. Almond trees are very abundant in the province of Malaga and blossom early because of their proximity to the milder climate of the coast. Delicate pink and whitish tones that claim the desire of Life, which cannot wait for the end of winter to explode!

A field of peonies

Admiring the Brotero peony (Paeonia broteri) is one of the most beautiful botanical shows in the Serranía de Ronda.

Between April and May, peonies are blossoming in Andalusia. They are famous flowers! Known and appreciated from Antiquity and in Eastern cultures for their ornamental and medical character, they are very popular with gardeners who have selected many varieties.

They also grow spontaneously in the Mediterranean limestone mountains where they are not uncommon, but often localized. These wild plants have nothing to envy to their gardened counterparts, being so large and colorful. It is wonderful to walk within a holm oaks wood and to discover at the bend of a path a field of peonies.