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Nature Guides in Andalusia

We are a company dedicated to ecotourism, nature tourism, slow tourism, non-sport hiking and environmental interpretation.

We propose our services to travelers, nature lovers and families  who are looking for an experience with the natural environment and the rural world.

Our commitment seeks coherence between our action in favor of the environment and a quality proposal. Therefore, our ethics is based on sustainability and respect for local culture.

La Ecoturista Universal / Canal Malaga (2020). Spanish

Los Repobladores / Canal Sur (2021). Spanish

Florent, Biologist and nature guide

Specialized in entomology and aquatic environments. Popularizing the environment for more than 20 years. He lives in Andalusia, Spain, where he works in nature animations and scientific studies. Also a Taichi-Chuan teacher.

My greatest pleasure is “to open windows to the world”, to make people discover what they have in front of them without seeing it, to make them want to study nature and help young people with their natural historian vocations.

I take care of the small details and people so that the trip is comfortable and full of good humor. In addition, I am very good at locating animals and an expert in the art of telling groups of birds in flight.

Silvia, educator and artisan

Biologist and environmental education professional, he has worked for more than 10 years in the Iberian lynx conservation program. Passionate about ecology in everyday life: organic cuisine, recycling of materials and manual work inspired by nature.






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