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[ES] Nueva observación de Zygonyx torridus en el río Guadiato (Córdoba)


Boletín ROLA, 2018, 11: 5-18.

Odonata, Andalusia, dragonfly

The Guadiato River is a right bank tributary of the Guadalquivir River (Córdoba province) that runs for about 130 kilometers. The construction of several reservoirs in the 20th century has denatured much of its natural dynamics. In fact, more than a third of its linear length is made up of dammed water.

On June 15, 2017, a specimen of Zygonyx torridus was captured in the Puente de los Boquerones (AD leg.), observing two males interacting and defending their territory. A visit the following day did not allow to verify the presence of more individuals (AD). Subsequently, the species was not observed anymore. In 2017, another 17 species of odonates were observed in the Guadiato river.

The new observation of Zygonyx torridus represents the third data for the species in the province of Córdoba, the previous two dating back to July 1978, precisely in that same place (Ferreras-Romero, 1982).

Current knowledge suggest the decline – if not extinction – of more demanding lotic species. It should be noted that one of the most affected species has been Calopteryx xanthostoma, since there are currently no known populations in the province of Córdoba. This decrease in diversity has coincided, among other factors, with the start-up and expansion of several reservoirs on a remarkably short river.

Acknowledgment: To David Chelmick and José Márquez for sharing their observations.


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