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Birding guides in Andalusia and Spain

Surfing this webpage, you will learn about What to see in Andalusia (overview of Andalusian biodiversity) and the most spectacular species to observe in the wild (selection of Big 5).

At G3-guides we are nature guides, specialized in wildlife and biodiversity, including birdwatching.

Birding guides in Andalusia and Spain

What is a birding guide… in Andalusia, Spain and everywhere else?

Information specific to Andalusian avifauna is highlighted in blue color in this particular page. First of all, I would like to stress the importance and interest of our country for birdwatching… Spain is the top country in term of bird reports published in Cloudbirder (!) and Andalucía is the most visited region by birdwatchers and keen naturalists. There is definitivily birdwatching experiences for everybody.

A birding guide is a resource or individual who helps bird enthusiasts, or birdwatchers, identify and observe birds in their natural habitats. Birding guides can take many forms, from printed field guides and websites to experienced birdwatchers who lead tours or provide personalized advice. Here are some elements of a birding guide.

Field Guides in Andalusia

Books: field guides in Andalusia

Printed or digital field guides are reference books that provide detailed information about different bird species, including their physical characteristics, distribution, and behaviors. Some popular field guides include those authored by Roger Tory Peterson, Lars Johnson and Lars Svensson, the European bible for birdwatchers and possibly the best field guide worlwide.

We recommend the bilingual (Spanish, English): Guía de aves del Estrecho de Gibraltar, Alcornocales y La Janda. Oryx. An excellent local field guide with good phenological information.

Recognition softwares are nowadays very performant and can be used to identify photos.

Species birds checklist

Species’ checklist

Besides a good identification field guide, the most basic information you need to know about a territory is its list of species recorded so far. Generaly presented with some order (alphabetical, taxonomical) with extra information about the bird’s rarity and the time of the year it can be observed. The best checklist packs all this information in as little space as possible (check G3 guides’s checklist).

Revised and updated Checklist for Andalucía (English). Link

Download G3-guides’s checklist: Birds of Andalusia -non vagrant species-

Bird hotspots

Bird hotspots

Birdwatching hotspots are specific locations known for their exceptional bird diversity and the presence of a wide variety of bird species. These hotspots offer fantastic opportunities for birdwatchers to observe and enjoy the avian diversity.

Internet: Hotspots in Andalusia at E-bird, the website most widely used by Spanish birdwatchers and officialy recommended by SEO/Birdlife. Link.

If you prefer books, go for a classic: Where to Watch Birds in Southern and Western Spain. Bloomsbury. A little old fashion and a long list of the best bird sites south of Madrid.

Birding Apps

Birding Apps

There are mobile apps designed for birdwatching that offer features like bird identification, calls, and mapping. These apps can be handy in the field for quick species identification.

– Overall best App for recording and image recognition: Obsmapp.

– Best App for sound recording: Birdnet.

– Best identification App : Collins field guide.

Online Resources

Online Resources

Numerous websites are available to help birdwatchers identify and learn more about birds, such as Observation, eBird, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology – All About Birds, Xenocanto provide a wealth of information, photos, and recordings of bird species. 

The Spanish Ornithological Society (SEO/Birdlife) website is full of information… online guide of species (Spanish).

Birding Málaga is the County Council’s platform meant to promote birding tourism in the province (English).

Local Expertise

Local Expertise

Local knowledge is invaluable when birdwatching, as it can lead to sightings of rare or elusive species. Local birders, guides, and keen naturalists often have specialized knowledge about the birds in their region.

Andalusian birdwatchers, Spaniards and European living in or visiting the country frequently, form a nice and top notch birding community, especially in the Málaga and Cádiz provinces (but not only). Don’t hesitate to talk and share your experiences.

Local Birding Groups

Local Ornithological Groups

Many regions have local birding clubs or groups where enthusiasts can meet, share information, and organize birdwatching outings. These groups often have knowledgeable members who can serve as guides for newcomers.

Andalucía Bird Society. Link

Grupo Ornitológico Tumbabuey. Link

Personal Guides for birdwatching

Personal Guides

Some experienced birders offer their services as personal guides for a fee. They can take individuals or small groups to birding hotspots, offer insights, and help with identifying birds in real-time.

A list of bird guides operating and living in Andalusia can be found in the Andalucia Bird Society website.

Of course, G3-guides will be happy to share its experience and optical material and lead parties to explore Andalucia’s best bird hotspots. Please, contact us at

Birding tours

Birding tours

Birding tours are guided expeditions to specific locations known for their rich birdlife. Tour operators provide expert guides who can lead participants to the best birdwatching spots and provide insights on local avian fauna.

Responsible behaviour and ethics

When using a birding guide, whether it’s a book, website, app, or a human guide, it’s essential to follow ethical birdwatching practices. This includes respecting wildlife and their habitats, maintaining a safe distance, and minimizing disturbance to the birds. Birdwatching can be a rewarding and educational hobby, and guides are essential resources to help enthusiasts make the most of their birdwatching experiences.


Birding tours

Where to send band recovery?

Bird ringing, also known as bird banding, is a crucial scientific practice used for studying avian migration, behavior, and population dynamics.

Recovery or reading of bird ring should be informed to Doñana Biological Station : Oficina de anillamiento. You can fill a form online : Link

What is the point of a birdwatching guide in the e-Bird era?

– Clearly the amount of information available nowadays in the Internet is huge.

– Check again the reasons Why to rely on a nature guide for your trips.

More specificaly on birding…

– The guide knows his craft and is full of local knowledge, choose the best locations in a region you visit for the first time, higher capacity of adaptation depeding on weather conditions, can give advice and has the ability to access information quickly. The good guides know much more than ornithology and can speak of broad ecology.

– Optical material. Can provide highly powerful and expensive material.